Lawson Software launches new mobile solutions


Lawson Software, an affiliate of Infor, announced the
launch of three new mobile solutions that allow enterprise software users to
access critical business data and Lawson application functionality directly
from their mobile devices.


These new solutions, Lawson Mobile Employee, Lawson
Mobile Requisitions and Lawson Cloverleaf Global Monitor Mobile, are available
on a variety of mobile devices, which could include the iPhone, iPad, Android,
and Android Tablets.


“Today’s employees are more mobile than ever and
need 24/7 access to information. So we’ve developed mobile apps that tap into
specific areas of the products and functionalities that our customers need
while they’re on-the-go to help them increase productivity,” said Tom
Passe, senior product manager, technology, Lawson.


This new breed of mobile applications is built around the
needs of our mobile workforce and reflects Lawson’s commitment to deliver
consumer-style experiences for enterprise software users.


These new offerings follow our 2010 launch of Lawson
Mobile Inbasket, which brought the power of its business automation tool,
Lawson Process Flow Integrator, to mobile devices.


Lawson Mobile Employee, an extension of
Lawson Employee and Manager Self Service, provides employees and managers access
to select human resource (HR) information – contact information, company
directory, employee profile, pay checks, pay history, and benefits while they
are away from their desktops.


This helps organizations minimize the burden on
traditional HR channels and saves employees time by providing critical
information when they need it.


Mobile Requisitions is an extension of Lawson Requisition
Center. It helps employees create requisitions and view the status of their
requisitions while away from their computers. Having timely, accurate
requisition and status information at their fingertips also helps employees get
the items they need when they need them, without being tied to a computer.


Cloverleaf Global Monitor Mobile, an extension of Lawson
Cloverleaf Global Monitor, allows on-the-go users to control and monitor
Cloverleaf integration environments through their mobile device.


With the new mobile access, Cloverleaf Global Monitor
Mobile users are no longer tethered to their desktops and have a tool to help
them respond faster to issues, which helps ensure their hospital’s integration
environment is fully operational.


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