Mojo Mobility unveils technology for wirelessly charging multiple devices





Mojo Mobility announced development of a breakthrough in development of a wireless charger system that can simultaneously power or charge multiple electronic or electric devices at different power or voltage levels placed at any location on a surface.





In addition, the system can support current type of receivers in the market including receivers based on the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) specification or others thus enabling a seamless transition to the advanced flexibility of the new system.





The new patent pending system builds on Mojo Mobility’s deep experience in the Near Field Power (NFP) wireless power area and provides a path for development of a ubiquitous charging solution with an intuitive user experience at home, office, cars, public transport, and hospitality environments.





A user may simply place any number of devices (including mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, MP3 players, batteries, laptops, e-readers, cameras, etc.) equipped with wireless power receivers, anywhere on a surface, and receiver power or charge them.





The New NFP-2 system can be scaled in surface area to a range of large sizes and can support power levels in excess of 100 W.





Current first generation systems and products for wirelessly powering mobile devices require alignment of a charger coil with a similarly sized receiver coil for operation. Other proposed so called position free” solutions suffer from a host of problems, including lack of scalability, complexity, high cost and/or reliability issues.





Mojo Mobility’s NFP-2 system presents a new approach that provides the flexibility of placement of multiple devices on a charger surface anywhere to receive power while avoiding the cost, complexity, and undesirable electromagnetic emissions from large area surfaces.





Power is only emitted where a receiver is arbitrarily placed and therefore high power transfer efficiencies are achieved, exceeding 75 percent with power levels exceeding 30 watts, exceeding efficiencies of fixed position wireless charger systems.





The NFP charger can be built into a wide range of charging pads as well as various surfaces, such as car interiors, conference room tables, desks, cubicle tops and kiosks.





The NFP receiver can be integrated into mobile devices, cases or sleeves or batteries without changing the form factor or size of the device, enabling easy low cost integration by device manufacturers.





The system can also support multiple receiver protocols, power levels and voltages simultaneously enabling the ultimate flexibility for the user as well as product developers.





We believe that the new NFP-2 system provides a huge step forward in the ease of use and applications for wireless power. While multiple approaches to providing this degree of freedom have been investigated, we think the industry really needed a break-through to achieve this level of flexibility and now we believe this can be achieved with this novel approach,” said Afshin Partovi, CEO of Mojo Mobility.





We are also very pleased that the system can support the various current fixed position receivers so that the current overall path for uptake of wireless power technology is not disrupted. NFP-2 now has matured sufficiently that over the coming months we will be discussing it more and will be demonstrating its unprecedented capabilities to our OEM partners,” Partovi added.





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