MWC 2024: Honor Unveils Magic 6 Pro Smartphone with Eye-Tracking AI

Chinese technology giant Honor took the wraps off its flagship smartphone, the Magic 6 Pro, introducing an eye-tracking AI feature that allows users to remotely control their vehicles with just a glance at their phone screens.
Honor Magic 6 Pro smartphoneThe company, under the ownership of state-controlled Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co after its split from Huawei Technologies in November 2020, had previously restricted its releases to the Chinese market but is now eyeing international expansion with this latest offering, Reuters news report said.

The eye-tracking AI function, already available in China, represents a significant leap in smartphone technology. Users can open and maneuver their vehicles by directing their gaze at their phone screens, marking a notable advancement in user interface interaction. Honor has announced plans to integrate this feature commercially in markets outside China, underscoring its commitment to innovation and global accessibility.

Honor is also unveiling its latest MagicBook Pro 16 laptop, equipped with AI functionalities that enable seamless cross-device application migration. This innovative feature allows users to effortlessly transfer applications, such as messaging apps, between devices — whether from an Android smartphone to a Windows PC — simply by dragging and dropping.

George Zhao, CEO of Honor, emphasized the company’s commitment to leveraging collaborative synergy and harnessing the transformative potential of AI in his statement. As Honor continues to vie for market share against competitors like Apple and Oppo, its integration of technologies such as the LlaMA 2 large language model (LLM) further underscores its ambition to solidify its position in both domestic and international markets.

According to data from the International Data Corporation, Honor’s market share in China stood at 17.1 percent in 2023, trailing closely behind Apple’s 17.3 percent. With the global rollout of its latest flagship products, Honor aims to further bolster its presence in the fiercely competitive smartphone and laptop markets, riding on the wave of AI-driven innovation to capture the imagination of consumers worldwide.