NEC develops smartphone solution that recommends path of incoming calls

By Telecom Lead Team: NEC has developed a smartphone
software that automatically recommends the best path for a user’s incoming
calls based on the software’s estimate of a smartphone’s movement.

This solution will be launching the software for
commercial purposes by June 2012. NEC will also showcase the new technology at
Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona.

NEC is also planning to develop and provide innovative
software that improves the user friendliness of smartphones and mobile devices
for a wide variety of users.

The new software solution collects and analyzes data from a user’s smartphone,
which enables the software to estimate, for example, if the user is moving
within a train, at a walking speed or stationary. The software automatically
recommends the most appropriate path for incoming calls, such as a standard
ring, voice message or email, based on the results of sensor data analysis.

“In recent years, the spread of smartphones and mobile devices has made
communication possible throughout a wide range of circumstances, including
while at the workplace, at home and in transit. There are also an increasing
number of communication methods for users to choose from, such as voicemail,
email and SNS,” said Keiko Matsunaga, vice president and senior general
manager of NEC Corporation.

NEC’s new solution facilitates smoother, less intrusive
communications by automatically recommending the most appropriate contact

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