Realme Unveils Business Transformation with ‘Make it real’ Slogan

Realme, a leading smartphone maker based in China, has revealed a significant shift in its brand identity, unveiling the new slogan “Make it real” in an open letter by Sky Li, the Founder and CEO.
Realme service centerThe letter serves as a manifesto outlining Realme’s determination to redefine its brand standards and mission for the forthcoming year. It emphasizes a transition from an “opportunity-oriented” to a “brand-oriented” approach, aiming to resonate profoundly with young users globally.

Revamped Brand Strategy

The core of Realme’s strategy remains centered on catering to young users worldwide with top-notch technologies and designs. However, the brand is venturing into an expanded approach to further connect with diverse markets and elevate its already established standards. By delving deeper into understanding the needs of young users, Realme seeks to broaden its scope and impact, transitioning from a trend-based strategy to a more inclusive and extensive one.

The brand’s mission statement succinctly encapsulates its vision: “To let young users around the world enjoy tech experiences that exceed expectations.” This intensified focus signifies Realme’s intent to explore new horizons and break barriers.

User-Centric Approach

Central to Realme’s new direction is its commitment to the youth, focusing on product, technology, and brand strengths. This strategy, rooted in user-centric principles, drives the brand’s competitiveness and fuels its growth trajectory. Realme plans to collaborate with over 30 tech companies in 2024, channeling significant investments into R&D to offer cutting-edge technology to its users.

The brand’s emphasis on integrating user insights into its development process will create a multi-dimensional brand experience, allowing a more dynamic interaction with its audience.

Evolving Brand Identity

With the introduction of the slogan “Make it real,” Realme retains the essence of its former slogan “Dare to Leap” while prioritizing the needs of young users. This new mantra emphasizes real, tangible benefits, signifying the brand’s commitment to delivering concrete advantages to its users’ lives.

Looking Ahead

Realme pledges to stay true to its original ethos and evolve alongside the young generation, positioning itself as a tech brand deeply attuned to their aspirations and needs.

About Realme’s Progress

Having garnered over 70+ million users in India, Realme continues its commitment to democratizing cutting-edge technology and providing an enriched lifestyle for the youth. The brand has consistently shown robust growth, securing a prominent position in the smartphone market. Notably, it climbed to the second slot in IDC’s rankings and has reported staggering growth according to Counterpoint’s market research.

Innovative Strategies

Realme has introduced the “Spire Strategy,” focusing on breakthrough technology within each product series, and adopted new marketing strategies, encompassing local team cultivation, eCommerce expansion, and a focus on innovation-driven product lines.

The announcement marks a pivotal moment for Realme as it embarks on a journey to redefine its brand identity and solidify its position as a tech brand committed to delivering exceptional experiences for the youth.