Research In Motion revenue down 7% to $18.4 billion in fiscal 2012

Telecom Lead America: Research In Motion (RIM) has posted 7 percent decrease in revenue for the fiscal year ended March 3, 2012 at $18.4 billion from $19.9 billion in fiscal 2011.

The full fiscal 2012 profit decreased to $1.16 billion from $3.4 billion a year earlier as RIM battled against Apple’s iPhones and iPads and an onslaught of Android-powered devices and Samsung smartphones.

Revenue for Q4 of fiscal 2012 was $4.2 billion, down 25 percent from $5.6 billion in the same quarter of fiscal 2011.

RIM posted a net loss of $125 million for its fiscal fourth quarter to March 3, compared with a profit of $418 million a year earlier.

The revenue breakdown for Q4 was approximately 68 percent for hardware, 27 percent for service and 5 percent for software and other revenue.

During Q4, RIM shipped approximately 11.1 million BlackBerry smartphones and over 500,000 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets.

“I have confirmed that the company has substantial strengths that can be further leveraged to improve our financial performance, including RIM’s global network infrastructure, a strong enterprise offering and a large and growing base of more than 77 million subscribers. I’m very excited about the prospects for the BlackBerry 10 platform, which is on track for the latter part of calendar 2012. Notwithstanding these strengths and opportunities, the business challenges we face over the next several quarters are significant and I am taking the necessary steps to address them,” said Thorsten Heins, president & CEO of Research In Motion.

RIM will refocus resources on RIM’s key opportunities, such as BlackBerry Mobile Fusion and new integrated service offerings. The company will drive operational performance through a variety of initiatives including increased management accountability and process discipline.

In parallel, RIM will be undertaking a comprehensive review of strategic opportunities including partnerships and joint ventures, licensing, and other ways to leverage RIM’s assets and maximize value for our stakeholders.

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