Smartphone operating system vendor ranking in Q2, Android leads

Android is leading the smartphone operating system in Q2 2013. Samsung and its Galaxy S4 made strong contributions, IDC said.

LG and Chinese vendors Huawei, Lenovo, and ZTE also contributed to the success of Android. Combined, these vendors accounted for 62.5 percent of Android smartphone shipments.

Apple iOS finished the quarter as the number 2 operating system.

Windows Phone — in third position — posted the largest year-over-year increase among the top five smartphone platforms.

Beyond Nokia, Windows Phone remained a secondary option for other vendors. Nokia accounted for 81.6 percent of Windows Phone smartphone shipments during Q2.

BlackBerry saw its market share decline during the quarter.

smartphone OS market share in Q2

“Without a new product launch since the debut of the iPhone 5 nearly a year ago, Apple’s market share was vulnerable to product launches from the competition” said Ramon Llamas, research manager with IDC’s Mobile Phone team.

Nokia has been the driving force behind the Windows Phone platform.

IDC says as more and more vendors enter the smartphone market using Android platform, we expect Windows Phone to become an attractive differentiator in this very competitive market segment.

Vendors shipped 236.4 million smartphones in Q2 2013, up 51.3 percent from 156.2 million in Q2 2012.

Top Smartphone Operating Systems, Shipments, and Market Share, 2013 Q3 (Units in Millions)

Operating System 2Q13 Unit
2Q13 Market
2Q12 Unit
2Q12 Market
Year Change
Android 187.4 79.3% 108 69.1% 73.5%
iOS 31.2 13.2% 26 16.6% 20.0%
Windows Phone 8.7 3.7% 4.9 3.1% 77.6%
BlackBerry OS 6.8 2.9% 7.7 4.9% -11.7%
Linux 1.8 0.8% 2.8 1.8% -35.7%
Symbian 0.5 0.2% 6.5 4.2% -92.3%
Others N/A 0.0% 0.3 0.2% -100.0%
Total 236.4 100.0% 156.2 100.0% 51.3%

Source: IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, August 7, 2013

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