Smartphone shipments surge 27% to 347 million in Q1 2021

Worldwide smartphone shipments have increased 27 percent to reach 347 million units in Q1 2021, according to Canalys.
smartphone shipments in Q1 2021 Samsung took first place, shipping 76.5 million to take a 22 percent share.

Apple shipped 52.4 million iPhones, to take a 15 percent share. Its iPhone 12 Mini has sold below expectations, but strength in other iPhone 12 models, as well as stronger demand for the older iPhone 11, helped it maintain strong momentum.

Xiaomi clocked its best single-quarter performance ever, growing 62 percent and shipping 49.0 million units.
smartphone share in Q1 2021Oppo and Vivo completed the top five, shipping 37.6 million units and 36.0 million units respectively.

Huawei, which no longer includes Honor, is now in seventh place with 18.6 million units, as the former world number one remains shackled by US sanctions.