Sprint sets up mobile security council to raise awareness, offer solutions

announced that it is leading a newly established Mobile Security Council to
bring together key players in the mobile ecosystem to address protection,
safety and security needs important to consumers and businesses.

members of the council are Cisco, IBM, Juniper Networks, Lookout, Motorola
Mobility along with its subsidiary 3LM, and Samsung.

the United States, more than 73.3 million people own a smartphone. In addition,
more than 80 percent of Sprint’s postpaid CDMA handheld device sales in the
third quarter were smartphones. Industry-wide, consumers and businesses are
taking full advantage of today’s sophisticated devices. Along with the growing
adoption of smartphones and data come new security challenges – at the device,
software, operating system and network level – and new opportunities to use
technology to deliver protection.

sees the need to comprehensively address mobile security, and we are bringing
the industry together in our Mobile Security Council,” said Fared Adib, vice
president-Product at Sprint.

and our partners are taking action to identify and get out ahead of potential
threats and to raise awareness of security and protection solutions for
wireless customers. We welcome new participants from throughout the wireless
industry,” Adib added.

Mobile Security Council is a forum for open and constructive dialogue about the
evolving mobile security industry.

objectives of the Mobile Security Council:

  • Assess the
    current mobile security landscape and define an ideal state of security
    across the industry.

  • Influence
    baseline security standards for the industry (device, software and

  • Increase the
    level of awareness of security issues and options for the end user.

  • Encourage strong
    participation and buy-in from industry players.

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