Tablet market drops 18% to 33.5 mn in first-quarter

TechInsights said the tablet market dropped 18 percent to 33.5 million units. Apple (12.7 million), Samsung (7 million), Amazon (2.9 million), Lenovo (1.8 million), and Huawei (1.2 million) are the top tablet suppliers, TechInsights said.Q1 2023 tablet market share

Apple and Samsung led in tablet market share. Smaller vendors in China gained some ground at the expense of Huawei’s smaller footprint, Eric Smith, Director of Connected Computing Devices at TechInsights said.

The size of the worldwide tablet market fell 19.1 percent – in terms of shipments – to 30.7 million units in the first quarter of 2023, according to IDC.

IDC said sell-in shipment in the first half of 2023 is expected to be low, with vendors focusing on clearing out their inventory before the launch of newer models.
Tablet market share Q1 2023Apple (10.8 million), Samsung (7.1 million), Huawei (2 million), Lenovo (1.9 million), and Amazon (1.4 million), are the top tablet suppliers, IDC said.

In Q1 2023, Apple, followed by Samsung led the market, making up 58 percent of the global tablet market. Huawei moved up in rank and secured the third position this quarter as they continue to create a competitive portfolio of large screen tablets.

Lenovo was in the fourth position. Amazon was in the fifth position, with a huge drop of 62 percent year over year. Amazon’s shipments in 2023Q1 have been the lowest since the pandemic and this decline can be attributed to seasonality, piled up inventory and low demand.

“Large screen tablets, ideal for remote learning and hybrid work situations, increased significantly in share compared to pre-pandemic levels,” said Anuroopa Nataraj, senior research analyst with IDC’s Mobility and Consumer Device Trackers.

Chromebook shipments declined 31 percent to 3.8 million units. HP (1.1 million), Lenovo (0.8 million), Acer (0.8 million), Dell (0.5 million), and Samsung (0.3 million) are the top Chromebook suppliers, IDC said.