Thailand’s Smartphone Market Faces Decline in 2023, IDC Reports

Samsung and Oppo are leading the smartphone market in Thailand in 2023 with shipment of 2.8 million units each in 2023, IDC said.

Growth in Thailand smartphone market in 2023 IDC report
Apple (2.5 million), Xiaomi (2.1 million) and Vivo (1.5 million) are the other leading smartphone brands in Thailand during the year 2023.

The smartphone market in Thailand fell 13 percent in shipments, totaling 14.4 million units in 2023 according to the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker.

The report highlights a notable divergence in shipment trends throughout the year, with the first half of 2023 witnessing a steep 19 percent drop, while the second half saw a more moderate 6 percent decline.

Analysis of market segments reveals a shifting landscape, with the entry-level smartphone segment (<US$200) decreasing to 55 percent market share from 59 percent the previous year.

Conversely, the premium segment (US$1,000+) expanded to 12 percent, up from 10 percent, driven by strong shipments of flagship phones from Apple and Samsung. Apple has maintained dominance and Samsung made notable gains in the premium segment (US$1,000+). Samsung’s ASP grew by 28 percent to US$365, the highest among major brands.

The mid-range segment (US$200<US$400) also experienced growth, capturing 20 percent market share compared to 17 percent in the previous year, primarily fueled by Samsung, OPPO, and Xiaomi.

A 23 percent YoY decline in the low-end segment (US$100<US$200), decreasing its market share to 44 percent.
Thailand smartphone market in 2023 IDC reportThailand’s smartphone market saw shipment of 6.2 million 5G smartphones, an 8 percent increase compared to 2022. 5G smartphones are accounting for 43 percent of total shipments, up from 35 percent in 2022. This rise is attributed to the wider availability of 5G Android models across various price segments and increased shipments of premium 5G smartphones from both Android and iOS manufacturers.

Looking ahead, Apirat Ratanavichit, Research Analyst at IDC Thailand, anticipates a slight growth in 2024 as the market embarks on a path to recovery following two years of decline.

Apirat Ratanavichit notes that consumer confidence has been gradually improving in recent months and predicts continued growth in the premium segment, driven by the appeal of advanced AI capabilities and innovative features in flagship smartphones.