Xiaomi starts production of audio product in India with Optiemus Electronics

Xiaomi India announced it began the production of its audio product at the OEL factory situated in Noida – in partnership with Optiemus Electronics (OEL).
Xiaomi store in rural India

This collaboration signifies a larger initiative in the AIoT domain, commencing with the localization of wireless audio products, Xiaomi India said.

Xiaomi earlier said it focused on executing Smartphone × AIoT strategy. As of March 31, 2023, the number of connected IoT devices (excluding smartphones, tablets and laptops) on AIoT platform reached 618 million. The number of users with five or more devices connected to AIoT platform (excluding smartphones, tablets and laptops) reached 12.3 million. In March 2023, the MAU of Mi Home App grew to 78.1 million.

Xiaomi India is targeting a 50 percent increase in smartphone domestic value addition over the next two years. Xiaomi did not reveal its investment plans for manufacturing its audio products in India.

This collaboration demonstrates Xiaomi’s dedication to producing high-quality products, contributing to the growth of domestic manufacturing in India, and bolstering its efforts in democratising technology for the masses.

Muralikrishnan B, President of Xiaomi India said: “This partnership with Optiemus Electronics marks a major milestone in our efforts to accelerate our localization of products and components to bring out high-quality devices that will be ‘Made in India,’ at honest pricing.”

“This partnership is a significant testimony to Optiemus Electronics’ expertise and growing capabilities,” Nitesh Gupta, Director, Optiemus Electronics said.