ZTE starts caring, creative, simple, smart mobile phone design concept

ZTE announced
it has introduced a new mobile phone design philosophy entitled: Caring,
Creative, Simple, Smart.”

The philosophy
is based on four core principles. The caring aspect is meant to illustrate our
consideration of customer needs. Creative is included to emphasize innovation
and new designs and the simple tenant of the philosophy refers to the sleek,
clean appearance of devices. The smart pillar refers to designing a product in
a way that is intelligent and socially responsible,” said ZTE
Mobile Phone Innovative Design Director Gao Feng.

The new design
philosophy was created in the spirit of conceptual breakthroughs that were part
of the development of ZTE phones, including the Blade and SKATE. The Blade’s
angular, sharp, minimalist design invokes speed and helped to develop the
simple aspect of the new design philosophy. The SKATE, a favorite product of
users in 30 countries and an industry leader, is an example of the creative
pillar as it was modeled after the skateboard. A ZTE 005ZEmergency Phone
created for children in cooperation with Softbank in Japan, was designed with
usability and customer care in mind and inspired the caring aspect.

ZTE has always
been focused on improving the design of its terminal products, it is part of
what makes us competitive. Our new Caring, Creative, Simple, Smart’ design
philosophy also fits well with our goal of increasing R&D,” said ZTE
Executive Vice President and Head of the Terminal Division He Shiyou.

ZTE has over 13
years of experience designing mobile phones, launching over 150 products
annually. The company also has won more than 15 internationally recognized
design awards. With a dedicated design team of over 400, ZTE has established
both a user and market-oriented design process. The company has now four design
centers in mainland China and one studio in Germany.

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