OMVS to introduce low cost tablets


On the Move Systems Corp (OMVS) announced it will launch
lower-priced tablet computers.


created a new division to develop cutting-edge technology innovations in
wireless tablets, smartphones and mobile applications earlier this month.


Just like PCs, flat-screen TVs and MP3 players before
them, market competition will lower tablet prices dramatically, driving huge
sales for these in-demand products. A massive global market is currently
developing for the mobile apps that OMVS has planned,” said Patrick Brown, CEO OMVS.


Electronics makers have been scrambling to catch up ever
since Apple released its breakthrough iPad product last year. Amazon appears
poised to cut into Apple’s dominant market share when its new Kindle Fire
tablet is released in November. The device has racked up more than 200,000
preorders since it was announced at the end of September, and market analysts
predict that Amazon will sell 15 million units by 2013.


Anticipation for the Kindle Fire is being driven by its
$199 price tag, which is $300 cheaper than Apple’s least-expensive iPad 2.
Tablet makers HTC and RIM responded to the Kindle Fire’s announcement by
slashing prices on their own offerings.


If the Kindle Fire takes off as expected, it could spark
a tablet price war that fuels the mass adoption of advanced tablet computers
all over the world. Under such circumstances, the market for the downloadable
mobile applications at the heart of tablet functionality would explode, as


On the Move Systems continued
its drive to break into the $7 billion mobile application market with the
announcement that it has begun development on an innovative new online dating
app for use with tablet computers and smartphones.


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