Popularity of tablets changing CE purchase patterns

Six million U.S. broadband
households are changing their 2011 CE purchase plans to get a tablet, which is
cannibalizing sales in other device categories and inspiring an additional four
million households who had no previous intentions to purchase a computing
device this year.

Parks Associates‘ Media Tablets: Analysis and Forecasts shows the products at
greatest risk of losing sales are other mobile Internet devices, including
netbooks, notebooks, and e-readers. Tablets will also have significant impact
on content publishing, including newspapers.

One year after the launch of the
Apple iPad, tablet adoption reached 13 percent of U.S. broadband households
(approximately 10.5 million), slightly below current netbook and e-reader
adoption rates,” said Jennifer Kent, a Parks Associates’ mobile research

Mass adoption of tablets depends on
consumers’ ability to differentiate them from similar CE, and devices that
overlap with the tablet will struggle to remain relevant,” Kent added.

The tablet
presents content owners and distributors with new opportunities for revenue
growth. Its portability, connectivity, large display, and access to application
distribution networks make it an ideal platform for content consumption.
Publishers will be able to demand premium rates for advertising space.

Digital publishers must take
advantage of the tablet’s unique features. They should invest in new digital
publishing software that offers interactive features and improved reader
engagement and digital advertising solutions that enable premium ad inventory.

By TelecomLead.com Team
[email protected]