Samsung Galaxy tablet activations double since October 2011

Telecom Lead America: Intermedia said most small
businesses continue to prefer the iPad. Apple iPad’s main rival Samsung
Galaxy’s activations have nearly doubled since October 2011.


Tablet activation represents about 25 percent of all
Android and Apple device activations.


Smartphones represent 75 percent, but tablet activations
are growing thanks to adoption among businesses.


25 percent of all ActiveSync device activations are


Tablet activations increased from 19 percent of total
ActiveSync mobile device activations in October 2011 to 26 percent in December


From October 2011 to December 2011, ActiveSync smartphone
activations decreased 10 percent per month, while tablet activations increased
25 percent per month.


Kindle Fire tablets are beginning to make their way into
the workplace with a steady stream of activations since Amazon launched the
product late last year.


“Small and medium-sized business owners and their
employees are increasingly working remotely, so taking the capabilities they
have in the office — including secure email and instant messaging, VoIP
telephony and document sharing — and combining them with mobile apps for a
true on-the-go workforce is becoming more important,” Michael Gold,
president, Intermedia.


Intermedia manages more than 400,000 hosted Exchange
email accounts. The company has reviewed the number of ActiveSync-based devices
its customers activated to sync email, contact and calendars. The company’s
cloud services support a range of smartphones and tablets such as iPhone, iPad,
Galaxy, Kindle, Palm and BlackBerry.


Samsung to launch Galaxy S III in April 2012


Samsung is going to unveil its Galaxy smartphone
portfolio with the launch of Galaxy S III in the month of April this year. With
the launch of Galaxy S III, the company will also be introducing its Samsung
Card application.


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