Tablet owners spend 48 percent more time online daily

Tablet-owning consumers (ages 18 to 64) spend 4 hours, 19 minutes with the Internet daily, compared to 2 hours 55 minutes for all consumers 18-to-64 – a difference of 84 minutes, or 48 percent.

Tablet owners spend, on average, 55 minutes daily accessing the Internet on their tablets; social networking, gaming, and search take up about half (24 minutes) of that time. Mobile devices (smartphones and/or tablets) account for 38 percent of tablet owners’ online use, compared to 14 percent for the general 18-to-64 population, according to Knowledge Networks.

Tablet ownership is a marker for other advanced tech characteristics; 92 percent of tablet owners also have a smartphone, and they are 40 percent more likely to have a DVR than the general population.

Mobile Internet time for the overall 18-to-64 population has tripled in just a year – from 7 minutes in 2010 to 25 in the new measurement.

Being able to take ‘device shares’ into account – along with product and media use – gives planners a new, increasingly relevant window on the media landscape,” said Robert DeFelice, vice president of Client Service (Media) at Knowledge Networks.

To keep messaging effectively, marketers need an integrated view of their targets’ technology and media habits – where they are in today’s world of ‘anytime-anywhere’ access to content,” DeFelice added.

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