Touch screen market to cross $13 billion in 2011

Touch screens have turned into one of the fastest-growing
display markets since the launch of the iPhone in 2007. They’re now appearing
on all sorts of devices, and the touch screen market is growing 10 times faster
than the overall display market.

Revenue for touch screens were $7.1 billion in 2010 on a
worldwide basis and are projected to grow 90 percent to $13.4 billion in 2011. By
2017, the market will nearly double to $23.9 billion, according to market
researcher Display Search.

There are lots of opportunities in the touch screen
market. The market is doubling this year and will double again by 2017,” said
Jennifer Colegrove, vice president of emerging display technology at Display

The mobile phone and computer markets are currently
leading the touch screen revolution, but the new comer to this market is touch
screen televisions. Since the adoption of web access to televisions, companies
like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and Nyxio Technologies  have lead the way in
adding in touch screen capabilities to make the home television truly

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