Broadcom 5G Wi-Fi XStream offers up to 50% speed advantage over MU-MIMO routers

Telecom chips vendor Broadcom recently announced 5G Wi-Fi XStream that offers up to 50 percent speed advantage over Multi-User, Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output (MU-MIMO) routers.

Broadcom says the newly launched 5G Wi-Fi XStream delivers data rates up to 3.2 Gbps for the highest performance in a home router. In addition, it enhances performance for all Wi-Fi CERTIFIED devices including smartphones, tablets, PCs and smart TVs.

The new platform has twice the bandwidth of existing 802.11ac routers and gateways, and provides advanced software to double performance of today’s Wi-Fi devices for HD streaming and data consumption.


By offering Wi-Fi data rates up to 3.2 Gbps, Broadcom’s 5G Wi-Fi XStream delivers better experience for users who are simultaneously consuming more data, connecting Internet of Things devices and streaming HD content to multiple screens.

Broadcom’s Intelligent Quality of Service (iQoS) software identifies incoming traffic and allocates bandwidth so that applications like Netflix or YouTube get the highest priority while other applications, like file downloads, run at a lower priority.

Broadcom’s SmartConnect software automatically ensures that 802.11ac devices in the home are not sharing airtime with slower Wi-Fi devices. This process doubles the performance of all devices in the network.

At the CES 2014 in January, Broadcom announced its new 5G Wi-Fi system-on-a-chips (SoCs) for connected home devices. Broadcom said the BCM43569 and BCM43602 enable OEMs to deliver the speed, range and bandwidth requirements for streaming HD-quality content, online gaming and other high-bandwidth applications in the home.

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