Freescale brings 6W device for handheld mobile radio applications

Freescale Semiconductor today announced its AFT05MS006N, a 6W device for handheld mobile radio applications, supports all power levels of relevance to the mobile radio space, from 5W handheld units to 75W digital mobile radios and base stations.

The 6W device for handheld mobile radio applications is the latest addition to its Airfast RF power solutions portfolio, Freescale said.

The 6W AFT05MS006N integrates circuitry to increase stability, simplifying design and supporting a wide range of operating conditions. In addition, the new device is extremely rugged, enabling optimal performance even in harsh operating conditions such as public safety, professional mobile radio and machine-to-machine communications environments.

“Freescale’s new 6W device provides the high performance, small size, and improved output power designers need to meet increasingly stringent requirements for next-generation mobile radio products,” said Ritu Favre, senior vice president and general manager of Freescale’s RF Division.


The newest addition to the Airfast RF power solution is designed to survive > 65:1 VSWR, even with simultaneous overvoltage and overdrive stressing the amplifier and its RF power transistors. The efficiency of the Airfast devices is on average 65 percent, an improvement compared to module-based solutions, which typically range from 25 to 40 percent in efficiency.

Recently, Freescale started production of AFT09MS015N, a solution for the new class of 10W mobile radio designs.

Meanwhile, Freescale Semiconductor introduced the first 2W integrated power amplifier operating with a 5V supply and delivering more than 40 dB of gain to cover all frequency bands between 1500 MHz and 2700 MHz. The component supports any cellular standard operating at this frequency including GSM, 3G, 4G and LTE.

Freescale’s MMZ25333B is suitable for driver and pre-driver applications in macrocell base stations, and final-stage applications in small cells.

The MMZ25333B is a multi-stage power amplifier based on InGaP GaAs HBT technology and is housed in an industry-standard 4 mm QFN package.

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