Hans Rijns and Dave French to head R&D at NXP Semiconductors

Telecom Lead Europe: Hans Rijns and Dave French will be heading R&D at NXP Semiconductors.

Hans Rijns will have the responsibility as chief technology officer. He will combine this role with his current position as SVP & Head of Research.

Dave French is assigned as EVP of R&D and will combine this responsibility with his current position as General Manager of BU Portable & Computing.

“This leadership combination addresses the criticality of innovation and technology advancement to NXP’s success, it will strengthen our global R&D efforts and provide NXP highly visible corporate technology leadership in the industry,” said Rick Clemmer, president and CEO of NXP Semiconductors.

In his role as CTO, Hans Rijns will primarily focus his efforts on innovation and technology strategies. Dave French, in his role of EVP of R&D, will focus his attention on engineering related aspects like R&D productivity and time-to-market. Both report directly for their respective responsibilities to CEO Rick Clemmer.

Hans Rijns started his career at Philips Research as scientist in the area of discrete-time mixed-signal circuits. Since 1996 he has held various technical, business and executive management positions at Philips Semiconductors and NXP.

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