IDT releases new synthesizer with low phase jitter

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) has unveiled a new synthesizer with low phase jitter for reducing bit error rates for serial data communications systems.

The 8T49NS010 synthesizer is ideal for 40GE and 100GE telecom and networking systems.

IDT said the 10-output synthesizer provides a frequency clock with 86 fs RMS phase jitter over the standard 12 kHz to 20 MHz integration range.

IDT releases new synthesizer with low phase jitter

The 8T49NS010 features an integrated fanout buffer, removing the issues of additive phase jitter and noise coupling from oscillator to fanout buffer. The chip supports programmable configurations and output levels to satisfy the requirements of a variety of applications.

IDT said the 8T49NS010 is configurable through an I2C serial interface and operates over an industrial temperature range.

It supports two logic levels for its differential outputs; the first provides an LVPECL output level with 750mV typical swing, while the second provides a similar swing and output level with no external DC termination. The device uses an external fundamental mode crystal, alleviating the expense and availability issues associated with high-end oscillators.