ON Semiconductor unveils LC717A00AR to reduce component count of electrostatic capacitance touch sensor applications

Telecom Lead America: ON Semiconductor has unveiled new capacitance-to-digital converter IC called LC717A00AR.

ON has priced LC717A00AR at $1.50 and is available in quantities of 2,000.

The new IC is expected to speed the implementation and reduce the component count of electrostatic capacitance touch sensor applications.

The LC717A00AR, as claimed by ON Semiconductor, simplifies the replacement of mechanical switches with capacitive touch sensors for applications including home appliances, audio/visual equipment, computer peripherals and automotive instrument panels.

It features eight capacitor sensing inputs and eight digital outputs. The LC717A00AR uses a differential capacitance detection technology to enable high sensitivity and high noise resistance. Moreover, a built-in logic circuit detects the ON/OFF state of each input and outputs the appropriate result without the need for any additional components or control software.

“Because of its high sensitivity, the LC717A00AR is ideal for applications where users may wear gloves or where an air gap or a thick, protective glass cover is needed such as washing machines, refrigerators and cooking appliances,” said Takekiyo Okumura, general manager of ON Semiconductor’s SANYO division.

As well as operating as a standalone device, the LC717A00AR allows parameters to be modified using an external microcontroller via a built-in serial interface that can be configured for I2C or SPI operation. The device is compatible with a supply voltage of 2.6 volts (V) to 5.5V and operates with a typical current consumption of 320 micro-amps (µA) at a supply voltage of 2.8 V. Rated operating temperature is -40°C to 105°C.

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