Renesas intros ZSSC3281 sensor signal conditioning (SSC) IC

Renesas Electronics, a supplier of semiconductor solutions, has introduced ZSSC3281 sensor signal conditioning (SSC) IC for amplification, digitization, and sensor-specific correction of sensor signals.
Renesas sensor solutions for IoTThese new products complement Renesas’ MCU portfolio and embedded AI solutions.

The sensor design process is supported by Renesas’ system design platform that eases the prototyping of IoT systems. The Renesas Quick-Connect IoT system consists of standardized boards and interfaces, enabling designers to connect a range of sensors to MCU/MPU development boards.

The system also delivers core software building blocks that are portable between boards, reducing coding requirements. Instead of writing and testing hundreds of lines of driver code, designers only need to graphically select their sensor and write a few lines of code. All the integration and setup effort happen behind the scenes, reducing the time to a working solution.

Renesas also provides numerous Winning Combinations that combine sensors with multiple other ICs to offer customers an elevated design platform that mitigates the design risks and reduces development time.

The IoT sensors market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of approximately 27.9 percent, reaching an estimated $27.9 billion by the year 2028, according to a recent Zion Market Research study.

“Sensing solutions are a critical element in IoT systems, and present numerous design challenges during system integration that can slow development and impact overall system performance,” said DK Singh, Senior Director of the Systems and Solutions Team at Renesas.