10 ways to pass CompTIA 220-901 exam easily

CompTIA A+ certification is a widely accepted credential intended for those who are looking to work on the jobs related to technical support. Moreover, CompTIA A+ validates your understanding of common hardware and software technologies.
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This certification is recommended for the specialists looking to get started in the IT field, as it gives you the foundational skills and knowledge. Besides, this certification can open many opportunities and accelerate the growth of your IT CompTIA A+ Practice Tests Questions 220-1001 career. To get certified, you are required to pass two exams:

220-901 exam – covers computer hardware and peripherals, mobile devices’ hardware, networking and troubleshooting hardware, and network connectivity problems.

220-902 exam – covers the installation and configuration of operating systems (Windows, iOS, Android, Apple OS X, and Linux). It also focuses on security and the fundamentals of cloud computing.

This article will focus mainly on how to prepare and easily pass your 220-901 certification exam. Here are the most important skills to master in order to be ready for the test.

# PC and Mobile Devices Hardware

# Hardware and Network Troubleshooting

# Types of Networks and Connections

How to pass 220-901 exam

Passing this test is very important to attain CompTIA A+ certification, and below are some helpful tips you can use in your preparation.

Go through 220-901 certification exam objectives

It is surprising, but some candidates never bother to go through 220-901 exam objectives. These objectives are easy to read, and reading them you can easily set the study goals and procedures to follow in order to pass the test. Most importantly, this material gives a candidate a hint of what to expect on the exam. Also, exam objectives help you determine whether the learning materials you are using are in line with the current exam curriculum.

Get CompTIA A+ study guide

Nothing is as frustrating as blindly going through the study course without a proper plan. The CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide is meant to help a candidate to cover all the necessary topics in an appropriate order. Furthermore, this guide provides you with all the information necessary so you can be sure that you fully understand the basic IT skills. Besides, the guide is frequently updated. Last but not least, getting this guide will be a motivation to read and prepare for the test.

Join online communities

Online Communities are an infinite source of knowledge and tips. This is true because you get to interact with the experienced professionals and mentors. However, you should be careful and verify the validity and quality of the material that is posted or shared on these platforms. Moreover, always use only reputable and trusted sites such as CompTIA community forum.

Enroll in the online courses

Online school is also a great place to equip yourself with the knowledge to pass this exam with success. Here you will get premium revision materials and help from the professional instructors. But again, you need to ensure that the site you use is a reputable and trusted platform, which offers the relevant course content.

Read books and watch video tutorials

For those who want to learn and prepare on their own, books and video tutorials are the best options. There are several books (both free and paid) written specifically to help the candidate to prepare for 220-901 exam. Also, you may opt for video tutorials which can be easily found on YouTube. However, you must always make sure that these materials are up to date and are in line with the exam objectives.

Practice on hardware and networking skills

It goes without saying that the best way to learn something is by doing it. This is also true for the IT professionals looking to get some hands-on experience or the beginners who are just starting their IT career journey. Even on a tight budget, you can easily set up your own personal test lab to improve your knowledge.

This will enable you to learn and master hardware and software troubleshooting skills and configuration essentials.

Take practice tests

Make sure to take at least one practice test. This not only gives you a picture of what the exam will look like but also provides you with an opportunity to evaluate your readiness for the exam. Consequently, taking this tests will help you to measure your understanding of the fundamental topics covered in the exam. Most importantly, you get to know your weak areas, so you can spend more time learning them. To gauge your knowledge, you can use ExamSnap CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test Part 10 220-901 Exam Questions.

Get a mentor

Having someone who can give you advice on IT related issues is invaluable. The mentor can be as experienced as you, but is important he/she can understand the challenges you are facing. The mentor can help you to overcome these challenges. You can find a mentor in your local IT circles, school, or even on the Internet.

Enroll in the instructor-led classes

Alternatively, you can enroll in a school or college offering CompTIA A+ training (if you have the time and a few extra bucks to spend). Apart from getting full-time access to a trained tutor, you will also get a wide range of resources such as course materials and practice tests.

Join a study group

I would encourage you to join a study group because this makes the learning more interesting and gives you access to a wide pool of ideas. Besides, all the members of the group share a common problem, so your friends can help you understand the concepts you find hard to understand.


With passion and dedication, you can easily pass 220-901 exam and get certified. Thus, you will join the community of the accredited professionals and receive endless IT and telecom job opportunities.