Accenture brings new digital network offerings for telecoms

IT services provider Accenture has launched four digital network offerings targeting telecom service providers.

First, Digital Network Deployment Services assist telecom operators to deploy network services such as 4G and 5G wireless technologies, as well as fiber optics, to consumers’ homes.

Second, Service Experience Engineering and Management Services from Accenture improve customer experiences by making mobile applications easier to use and delivering more-personalized, feature-rich services to network devices.

Third, Field Installation and Repair Services Transformation, according to Accenture, enables telecom network operators to leverage performance analytics, triage management in a command center structure that combines with field force management, on-site diagnostic applications on mobile devices to improve the overall customer experience.

Fourth, Accenture said Next Generation Enterprise Services enable telecom service providers to transition to software-based networks, develop network managed services, evaluate current services being offered, and recommend services to sell in the future.

Gene Reznik, group technology officer of Accenture’s Communications, Media & Technology operating group, said: “Our offerings make it possible for providers to accelerate and capitalize on this digital transformation so they can compete more effectively and offer their customers new and differentiated services – delivered how and when their customers want them.”

The Accenture Network Transformation Survey — based on interviews with 32 executives at communications service providers – said 80 percent of executives consider the significant impact of network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defining networking (SDN) on their operating model, while 50 percent will invest in NFV/SDN for their data center and mobile core.

50 percent of SPs have a target date for closing legacy infrastructure, and 75 percent lack the expertise and will require outside help; and 60 percent of network directors want to focus on active migration, yet 38 percent lack the execution capacity for active migration, said Accenture.

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