Acision and Accuris to offer OTA solution to Alltel Wireless


Acision, a global provider of mobile data, in association
with Accuris Networks, a member of the Acision Innovation Network, will provide
Alltel Wireless with Accuris Networks’ over the air (OTA) solution.


Acision will provide Alltel Wireless with Accuris
Networks’ OTA (over the air) solution, to enable the operator to deliver value
added services to subscribers such as handset activation and national and
international roaming updates.


plays a key role in integrating Accuris’ platform with the operator network,
ensuring a smooth and flawless installation.


Acision’s deployment at Alltel Wireless, a provider of
wireless services to customers across six states in the U.S., will enable the
carrier to use Accuris Networks’ OTA platform, AccuPROFILE, to automatically
activate, update and reprogram all handsets in use in their network.  


This includes updating Preferred Roaming Lists (PRL) to
enable both national and international roaming as well as enabling the
prevention of handset cloning.


This innovative approach enables operators like Alltel Wireless to provision devices themselves, while
addressing network coverage and congestion challenges.


This helps to reduce OPEX costs and handset manufacturing
provisioning fees, while saving time and money getting new devices and services
to market and improving the user experience.  


“Alltel Wireless is committed to delivering an
exceptional customer experience,” said Ken Borner, vice president of
Engineering and Operations, Alltel Wireless.


Acision and Accuris will provide technical resources that
facilitate provisioning, accelerate solution development and testing, and
enable other operational efficiencies for Alltel.


“This Alltel Wireless deployment is validation of
the power of the Acision Innovation Network, which is designed to address the
needs of operators by aligning Acision’s unmatched experience in mobile data
services with companies like Accuris Networks,” said Claudia Grandjean,
SVP and GM for North America, Acision.


Through this partnership, Acision is able to leverage
Accuris Networks’ expertise to enable Alltel Wireless to more efficiently
deliver services to subscribers, resulting in cost savings and enhanced
customer quality of experience.


“The Acision Innovation Network provides Accuris
Networks with a unique opportunity to put Accuris technology to work to meet
the challenges facing operators like Alltel Wireless.”


With Acision’s support and cooperation, Accuris Networks
is making it possible for Alltel Wireless to realize the full potential of the
provisioning, roaming and updating capabilities that provide subscribers with a
reliable and enhanced user experience.


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