ADTRAN launches cloud-based mobile data offload solution for carriers

Telecom Lead America: ADTRAN has launched cloud-based
mobile data offload solution for carriers.

The new solution is based on the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Hotspot
2.0 standard.

ADTRAN’s virtualized approach eliminates the need for
hardware-based controllers in the network, reducing the cost, complexity and
management overhead associated with traditional approaches to scaling network

This new approach is enabled by combining virtual
wireless LAN (vWLAN) capabilities into a seamless mobile backhaul solution for
a highly available, scalable solution capable of integrating into any network

ADTRAN’s solution also addresses each area of network
congestion for the carrier – cellular backhaul, Radio Access Network and
enterprise access – and provides the means to eliminate the log jam created by
the rapid rise in mobile data traffic.

ADTRAN’s solution is a combination of technologies that
have been developed to serve both markets and then integrated to provide a
level of control and integration not available from other disjointed solutions
on the market today. Over the next several months, ADTRAN will advance its
offering through key partnerships with other leading suppliers, system integrators
and solution providers.

We are excited about our prospects in the Mobile
Data Offload market and have already seen great traction in current
Proof-of-Concepts with major carriers around the globe,” stated Mads Lillelund,
general manager for ADTRAN’s Bluesocket Business Group.

The true value of ADTRAN’s solution is that providers
can seamlessly deploy a genuine carrier-class Mobile Data Offload solution that
complements their existing cellular networks and addresses key business issues
while lowering overall expenditures,” Lillelund added.

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