Airgain intros CBRS and C-Band antenna

Airgain announced the launch of its Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and Lower C-Band Panel Antenna.
Airgain outdoor CBRS and Lower C-Band Panel AntennaAirgain’s CBRS and C-Band antenna provides high performance CBRS and C-Band connectivity for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint applications.

Airgain’s latest antenna comes with two ports – connecting to branch routers or modems. Airgain’s latest antenna delivers MIMO technology. This antenna also offers two high-gain CBRS and Lower C-Band antennas that operate in the 3300 to 3800 MHz band. Airgain said the small panel limits the wireless infrastructure footprint and provides high-gain for stable point-to-point links.

“There is an explosion in demand for private wireless network, from corporations needing to power greater productivity to school districts pushing connections on campus and to nearby homes,” said Morad Sbahi, Airgain SVP of Global Product and Marketing.