Airtel Lanka deploys Gemalto’s Device Management platform

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Airtel Lanka announced the deployment of Gemalto’s Device Management platform in Sri Lanka enabling its mobile subscribers to access their 4G data services such as email and internet.

Gemalto will provide marketing tools for targeted promotional campaigns and allows its subscribers to experience 40 percent faster internet.

During the switch off to a new mobile device, Airtel Lanka can automatically detect and configure its subscribers’ devices over-the-air and avoid any interruptions in their internet services.

Gemalto’s solution provides the knowledge repository of over 175,000 device references from over 2,000 manufacturers. Gemalto updates the library to include the latest, local, and even non-branded models not recognized by GSMA. The Gemalto Device Management platform already manages more than one billion devices worldwide.

“With Gemalto’s solution, we are able to offer uninterrupted services irrespective of the kind of device they use, allowing our subscribers to experience 40 percent faster internet,” said Jinesh Hegde, CEO and managing director at Airtel Lanka.

Sashidhar Thothadri, senior vice president, Mobile Services & IoT, South Asia & Japan at Gemalto, said the solution enables Airtel to save up to 40 percent of customer care costs due to configuration-related issues and boost customer intimacy and revenues.