Anritsu announces 5G Standalone NEMs’ vTAP support

Anritsu announced the availability of Encrypted Traffic Monitoring from Network Functions’ Virtual TAPs (Terminal Access Points) in the MasterClaw 5G Standalone (5G SA) Service Assurance solution, in partnership with a major European Network Equipment Manufacturer (NEM).
Anritsu at MWCMasterClaw’s capabilities provide visibility into a 5G Standalone (5G-SA) Core Network’s natively encrypted traffic, specifically, into the sections deployed according to the 3GPP’s Service-Based Architecture.

NEMs are providing Virtual TAPs, integrated with their Network Functions, capable of forwarding clear (not encrypted) HTTP2 traffic (also known as the L7-layer) from the Service-Based Interfaces (SBI) to 3rd-party probes for monitoring.

Anritsu now provides a software option in its physical or virtual probe (MPA, Multi-Protocol Analyzer) to ingest L7-layer traffic into the MasterClaw Service Assurance solution for 5G. It will correlate with all the other protocol procedures visible on non-encrypted interfaces (Point-to-Point, Access, or Edge), giving an end-to-end consolidated view of the subscribers’ activity.