Anritsu intros ShockLine ME7868A modular 2-port analyzer

Anritsu has introduced the ShockLine ME7868A modular 2-port vector network analyzers (VNAs) that can conduct vector S-parameter measurements over wide distances of up to 100 meters.
Anritsu at MWC
The ME7868A VNA consists of two MS46131A 1-port VNAs with the PhaseLync synchronization option hardware and accessories. It uses the MS46131As as portable VNA ports to directly connect to the device under test (DUT) to deliver vector transmission measurements over longer lengths and at a lower cost.

The VNAs offer multiple advantages compared to traditional solutions that use 2-port VNAs with very high dynamic range and require long and expensive phase stable microwave cables to reach the DUT, Anritsu said.

The ME7868A is available in 8 GHz, 20 GHz, and 43.5 GHz frequency models. It supports multiple existing and emerging commercial and military applications, including high frequency 5G.

The ME7868A eliminates the need for long port cables to measure transmission over distance for applications such as outdoor antenna range testing, over-the-air (OTA) chamber installations, large vehicle (aircraft, ship) electromagnetic characterization (shielding, RF propagation), and long-distance cable insertion loss measurements, Anritsu said.

The PhaseLync technology enables two MS46131A 1-port VNAs to phase synchronize with each other over a distance of up to 100 meters for the first time. PhaseLync improves dynamic range and measurement stability of s-parameter measurements by eliminating the need for long cables with conventional benchtop VNAs.