Anritsu test system achieves 80% GCF approval for TD-LTE carrier aggregation

Wireless testing vendor Anritsu said its ME7873L RF/RRM conformance test system has achieved more than 80 percent GCF approval for its TD-LTE carrier aggregation RF/RRM conformance test cases.

Test systems for LTE-Advanced must obtain GCF approval for at least 80 percent of test cases as a condition for terminal certification by GCF.

The FDD LTE-Advanced standard has already been commercialized in many regions of the world. Chinese telecom operators are investing significantly in rolling out TDD technology.

Anritsu launched its ME7873L RF Conformance Test System in January 2014 as the first instrument to achieve GCF certification approval for better than 80 percent of its FDD-LTE Carrier Aggregation test cases.

Anritsu ME7873L

China is deploying LTE-Advanced services using TD-LTE technology starting in 2015 and both Japan and the USA are planning introduction of these services too.

Anritsu will continue to focus its efforts on obtaining GCF/PTCRB certifications to help bring next-generation mobile broadband systems to market as soon as possible.

ME7873L is a test platform for assuring the compliance of LTE/LTE-Advanced terminal RF Tx and Rx characteristics and performance with the 3GPP standards.  It supports the LTE/LTE-Advanced RF/RRM conformance tests and is being used for carrier acceptance inspection tests in North America, Asia, and Japan.

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