Anue Systems unveils Anue 3500 v1.1 to simplify testing of Ethernet mobile backhaul

Telecom Lead America: Anue Systems, a provider of test and
measurement solutions, has unveiled the Anue 3500 v1.1 that simplifies testing
of the carrier Ethernet mobile backhaul.


Capabilities of Anue 3500 v1.1 are designed to simplify and
improve testing efficiency of mobile backhaul and Carrier Ethernet network
equipment, enabling telecom operators to reduce risk and improve performance.


“As our customers look to increase their competitive
advantage and create new revenue opportunities by deploying 4G LTE, real-world
performance testing prior to deployment becomes crucial,” said Jason Nutt,
director of Anue System’s Test and Measurement Business Unit.


The company said that providers are preparing to deploy 4G
LTE to meet the growing consumer demand for higher mobile bandwidth, mobile.


A critical component of this global deployment is the
ability of service providers, operators and network equipment manufacturers to
verify the performance of mobile backhaul and Carrier Ethernet networks to
deliver accurate synchronization and time of day information.


The full potential of 4G LTE can only be realized with the
accurate delivery of synchronization and time of day information through
Carrier Ethernet-based mobile backhaul networks.


The company claimed that the Anue 3500 v1.1 is the
industry’s most comprehensive IEEE 1588 / PTP performance testing solution
available, testing both frequency stability and time of day accuracy under
real-world conditions.


The Anue 3500 v1.1 offers time of day and frequency
stability testing facility to the operators.

Furthermore, it offers full real-time measurement and
analysis with automatic pass / fail results along with test automation API and
higher Ethernet test port count.


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