AT&T to Invest $1 Billion for Network-Based Cloud and Mobility Solutions

AT&T  is planning to invest nearly $1 billion in 2011 to deploy next-generation services for businesses ranging from the smallest firms to the world’s largest and most sophisticated multinational companies.




Responding to demand for solutions that help businesses improve productivity and efficiency and reduce costs, AT&T said it is focusing its plans to deploy global network-based cloud, mobility and network sourcing solutions to companies across a range of industries.




The new services are largely made possible by the unprecedented proliferation of high-speed wired and wireless networks, smart mobile computing devices and network-based applications.  



The company intends to invest in five key focus areas – like enterprise mobility applications  and cloud/as-a-service enhancements – while also rolling out platforms, systems and e-capabilities to significantly automate, enhance and simplify business customers’ experience and support.  




AT&T is targeting its investment to companies, government agencies and institutions in industries such as manufacturing, retail, hospitality, healthcare and automotive.




We continue to invest significantly in cloud-based, mobility and network sourcing solutions because customers are increasingly recognizing that transformative services like these increase productivity, improve operational effectiveness and lower costs”, said John Stankey, president and CEO of AT&T Business Solutions.




Revenues from these and other new-generation capabilities which represent AT&T’s most advanced business solutions – including ethernet, virtual private networks, hosting, IP conferencing and application services – grew 18.8 percent in Q1 2011 versus the year-earlier quarter – their strongest growth in more than two years.  Looking at key individual solutions in the same period, international revenues for virtual private networks, hosting revenues, and network sourcing revenues all achieved double digit percentage year-over-year quarterly growth outside of the U.S.



In 1Q 2011, AT&T added 1.6 million emerging devices, which included connected devices and embedded computing devices such as tablets, netbooks, and laptops.  More than 12 million emerging devices are now connected to the AT&T network.   AT&T has seen the use of mobile applications triple since 2009.




AT&T has embedded cloud capabilities directly into its network so that the company can manage and deliver services and applications as part of a total solution to any device.  These services offer customers tremendous flexibility and shared economics for their compute and storage needs – and are all protected by AT&T’s industry-leading network-based security solutions.  




AT&T has focused investment in business-focused networks, systems and applications to provide a globally consistent set of robust and highly-secure services for our 1700 target multinational customers.  More than 70 percent of AT&T’s frame relay customers have made the transition to IP-based solutions, which allow them to easily add managed services such as network security, cloud services and IP conferencing on top of their infrastructures.  




To serve its more than3 million small- and medium-sized business customers in the U.S., AT&T is continuing to invest in delivering new and simplified service bundles and increasing download speeds within its existing 22- state broadband footprint.




Building on the successful launch of AT&T ForHealth practice area in 2010, AT&T plans to continue to accelerate the delivery of innovative wireless, cloud-based and networking services and applications to help the healthcare industry improve patient care and reduce costs.




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