Aviat Networks to deploy all-IP microwave trunking platform for Telecom Fiji


Networks, a provider of wireless transmission solutions, announced that it is
deploying its Aviat WTM 6000 all-IP trunking microwave radios for Telecom Fiji
Limited (TFL), the island nation’s sole provider of local and national
telephony services.


the main islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, Aviat Networks
will design radio paths and install the high-capacity network for TFL.


need of replacing an aging PDH radio network, Telecom Fiji required a
high-capacity solution that would enable them to reliably deliver voice and
data services to subscribers on the second largest island to the north, Vanua


included overcoming two very demanding paths of approximately 80 kilometers (50
miles) of mountainous terrain and the ocean between the islands. In addition,
the replacement solution needed to be configured with the capability to
eventually be migrated to an all-IP architecture.


new WTM 6000 wireless links will give Telecom Fiji Limited the ability to
deliver an enhanced user experience to the people of Vanua Levu and the
surrounding islands by offering traditional voice lines, broadband and
value-added data services” said Marika Vada, general manager of
engineering, TFL.


network will have a capacity of up to 600Mbps, ensuring that the people of the
north island are able to get affordable broadband and that businesses can grow
as they require, because TFL can increase the capacity of these WTM 6000
wireless links as necessary,” Vada added.


WTM 6000 complements the Aviat Networks’ Eclipse Packet Node radios already in
TFL’s network. Both will be managed by Aviat Networks’ ProVision element
management system. The WTM 6000 will be upgraded for Ethernet traffic over


the WTM 6000 links are preconfigured for an easy transition to a 7+1 operation
with no planned disruptions during the process. In the long term, TFL’s WTM
6000s can use built-in “over the air” Layer-1 Link Aggregation (L1LA)
to offer Ethernet capacity of 1,920 Mbps in an 8+0 configuration.


the most flexible capability of any TDM + IP trunking radio on the market, the
WTM 6000’s capacity can be varied by Telecom Fiji Limited to accommodate as
much TDM and IP traffic as needed,” said Shaun McFall, chief marketing
officer and senior vice president, Aviat Networks.


the TFL network evolves, the WTM 6000 will evolve with it. The WTM 6000 offers
the easiest path for migrating from TDM to TDM + IP to full IP””the ultimate
goal for the end of any network evolution,” McFall added.


WTM 6000’s highly integrated all-indoor architecture is optimized to
efficiently accommodate complex system configurations such as Telecom Fiji
Limited’s and is not restricted by being adapted from a split-mount radio


A very
compact baseband/transceiver module eliminates cable connections and optimizes
available rack space for additional networking equipment, making for easier
installation, commissioning and simplified maintenance for customers wanting to
deploy complex network solutions over difficult terrain.


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