Broadband equipment revenue jumps 17% to $19 bn: Dell’Oro

Global revenue for the Broadband Access equipment market increased 17 percent to $19 billion in 2022, according to Dell’Oro Group.
wi-fi-investmentSpending on PON equipment continues to fuel the overall Broadband Access equipment market, with revenue for PON OLTs and ONTs reaching $11.7 billion for 2022.

“The focus on upgrading and expanding broadband access networks was a focus for operators around the world in 2022,” said Jeff Heynen, Vice President with Dell’Oro Group. “We expect broadband to remain a critical area of investment in 2023, as operators expand their footprint and increase the speeds and services they offer subscribers.”

Total XGS-PON OLT port shipments exceeded 2 million for the year, reaching a total of 2.3 million worldwide.

Total cable access concentrator revenue rose 1 percent to $1 billion. Remote PHY devices, Remote OLTs, and Virtual CMTS platforms all recorded significant revenue gains, as global cable operators continue to expand their DAA and fiber initiatives.