Calix launches two new optical line terminal cards

By Telecom Lead Team: Calix
has introduced two new optical line terminal (OLT) cards to its Unified Access


More than 70 percent of
Calix’s 1,000 customers are deploying fiber access services across the
B-Series, C-Series, and E-Series platforms and nodes and optical network
terminals (ONTs).


With the addition of the
GPON-8x line card to the E7-20 multi-terabit Ethernet Service Access Platform
(ESAP) and the B6-318 point-to-point gigabit Ethernet (GE) line card to the B6
Ethernet Service Access Nodes (ESANs), Calix customers have new gigabit passive
optical network (GPON) and point-to-point GE solutions available to help them
to transform their networks, their service offerings, and their business models.


Calix was a clear choice
for our new fiber project here in the Cayman Islands, as we wanted to ensure
that we were working with the fiber access market leader and their superior
technologies,” said Jeremy Elmas, vice president of WestStar TV.


The E7-20 and the GPON-8x
card will provide us with flexibility we need to bring advanced GPON as well as
point-to-point gigabit Ethernet technologies and the capability to provide up
to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) of broadband service capacity to any subscriber
on the network. The Calix equipment allows WestStar room to grow its product
and service offerings for years to come, and, we look forward to working with
Calix and bringing truly advanced broadband services to our subscribers,” Elmas


The two new line card
additions to the Unified Access portfolio provide powerful new alternatives for
driving new revenues, lower installed CAPEX, and lower ongoing OPEX for service


With the continual
introduction of new fiber access innovations, and the addition of ambitious new
fiber-focused customers like WestStar TV, Calix continues to raise the bar in
fiber access excellence,” said John Colvin, Calix senior
vice president of North America sales and marketing.


Wireline providers continue
their march towards an all-fiber future, using the replacement of copper with
fiber to implement powerful new business and service models.


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