Ceragon IP backhaul platform wins $43mn deal in APAC

Ceragon Networks, a wireless backhaul specialist, has signed three projects valued over $43 million for its IP-20 platform in Asia Pacific region.

The company has been selected by three leading mobile operators in the region, including one in India, to accelerate their 4G services availability. However, the company has not disclosed their names, but said they are its long-standing customers.

The operators, which are upgrading their networks to 4G/LTE require wireless backhaul to ensure smooth upgrade without service interruption.

Ceragon’s IP-20 platform helps them achieve operational efficiency and enhance customer experience. The company offers a simple option to upgrade the existing wireless backhaul links with new radio technologies, without replacing radios nor antennas on towers and rooftops, such as ultra-high 4G backhaul capacity using the highest modulations, capacity boosting and IP traffic management techniques, better spectrum utilization and management, and state of the art quality of service enforcement & management.

The capability to perform a simple upgrade proves to be a major contribution to meeting the operators’ business objectives.

With network expansions required in all three operators’ regions, Ceragon provides the IP-20 platform’s unique wireless backhaul 4×4 MIMO technology for quadrupling capacity over a single narrowband channel over long distances, avoiding the need to opt for wideband short range spectrum.

Ceragon also offers equipment redundancy capabilities to ensure consistent and reliable network performance, the company claims.

The IP-20 platform provides all three operators with a unified, simple to deploy & operate solution that fits all network segments, from wireless backhaul for the Radio Access Network, all the way to the backbone.

“We are delighted to continue these key customer relationships by providing value via our advanced turnkey solutions,” said Ira Palti, president and CEO of Ceragon. “Having all three operators choose Ceragon for their individual 4G network expansion and upgrade illustrates the immense benefits our IP-20 platform provides for solving a wide variety of wireless backhaul needs.”

Rajani Baburajan

[email protected]