Cinterion integrates PHS8 module into Connexion2 Identicom

Telecom Lead America: Cinterion announced that its PHS8
module has been integrated into a M2M lone worker protection device from
Connexion2 called Identicom.


The device uses the Cinterion module to provide
high-speed and always-on wireless communications between workers, security
personnel and management.


The high-speed, high-bandwidth performance of the
Cinterion PHS8 module is certainly superior to other solutions we evaluated,
and its miniature size is unique on the market in allowing us to make a
discreet, easy-to-wear device,” said Craig Swallow, Connexion2 CEO.


The solution is used to improve the safety of hotel
workers, healthcare personnel and all employees that work alone or in
remote locations.


The Cinterion PHS8 is a two-millimeter thick module used
in the Identicom device to provide simultaneous high-speed data, voice, GPS and
video communications.


The Identicom features an easy to activate Red Alert”
button that immediately streams audio and video to a security monitoring
station for immediate help in emergencies


With GPS capabilities, the Cinterion module helps
supervisors improve productivity by optimizing staff deployment as project
needs fluctuate, and can verify employee location at a moment’s notice.


With Connexion2’s Identicom lone worker device,
employees no longer need to locate or fumble with a cell phone if they need
help in an emergency and companies can ensure the security of their
employees,” said Norbert Muhrer, Cinterion CEO.


Cinterion integrates its PHS8 module into BrightSKY’s 4G M2M


Recently, Cinterion announced that its flagship PHS8
module has been integrated into the BrightSKY’s 4G M2M router called simplify.


The router is designed for both industrial and
residential applications in a miniaturized, plug-in form factor. It leverages
Cinterion’s module to provide simultaneous high-speed data and voice
communications for up to 32 WiFi-enabled devices.


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