CommScope partner network to offer skilled expertise and support for network deployments

Telecom Lead India: CommScope has introduced a new system — CommScope PartnerPRO Network – to offer skilled expertise and support for network deployments around the world.


The networks of certified partners supporting cable television, business enterprise, wireline and wireless customers will focus on solving customers’ complex technological problems.

The CommScope PartnerPRO Network will include consultants, integrators, installers, distributors and alliance partners who are trained and certified by CommScope to deliver the company’s network solutions.

“CommScope partners are closely aligned with us in selecting, supplying and/or implementing world-class communications solutions for cable plants, data centers, wireless systems and other networks,” said Stephen Kowal, vice president, Global Partners, CommScope.

The CommScope PartnerPRO Network links the right people with the right solutions so customers can make the right choices when implementing CommScope solutions. With PartnerPRO, customers can get the answers they need for their most pressing network issues and decisions.

Benefits to customers:

  • Technology solutions with upgrade paths that can decrease capital and operating expenses
  • Warranty protection on CommScope certified solutions
  • Consistent installation services globally
  • Peace of mind from working with expert industry professionals

Becoming a CommScope certified partner helps consultants, integrators, installers and distributors differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market.

Benefits to partners:


  • Training and certification supported by the market leading CommScope Infrastructure Academy
  • Ability to offer CommScope warranty programs
  • Increased access to CommScope’s global customer base
  • Increased recognition in the marketplace
  • Potential early access to new technology
  • Ongoing training

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