Deutsche Telekom deploys Cisco routers to boost network performance

Deutsche Telekom (DT) announced the deployment of Cisco 8000 Series routers — powered by Cisco Silicon One — to boost its network performance.
Deutsche Telekom network Europe
The network of Deutsche Telekom supports 246 million mobile customers, more than 27 million fixed-network lines and 22 million broadband lines.

Deutsche Telekom has reduced power consumption by up to 92 percent per 100 Gbps using Cisco 8000 series routers.

Deutsche Telekom worked with Cisco to redesign its network to build the internet for the future and expand reliable access to more people across Europe. They implemented this monumental task from design to full provisioning in DT’s central backbone, in under four months.

The new network architecture is powered by the Cisco 8000 Series, the world’s most powerful mass-scale routers in the industry. Powered by Cisco Silicon One, the Cisco 8000 Series offers the agility and speed necessary to meet network demands and deliver an optimal, secure experience for DT customers and expand the current new 400 Gbps interfaces to 800 Gbps interfaces in the future.

Deutsche Telekom has seen a major advantage in the solution, reducing space requirements from eight racks to one rack per system, crediting the high port density of the routers.

“Providing our customers with fast, reliable broadband to stay connected to the people and things that matter most is our top priority,” said Walter Goldenits, CTO of Telekom Deutschland. “The cooperation with Cisco provides us with a secure and stable network with supreme availability and security which benefits our customers.”

“Working together with leading service providers like Deutsche Telekom, we are showcasing how the latest in networking, routing and silicon technology can deliver the internet experience we need to stay connected – and bring more people online,” Jonathan Davidson, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Mass-Scale Infrastructure Group, Cisco, said.