Digital Lightwave unveils 40G/100G Ethernet, OTN and SONET/SDH Testing in New Module

Digital Lightwave announced that the CSA 4100 module for its
NIC Platform will support 40G/100G SONET/SDH, OTN and Ethernet testing, making
it the industry’s most complete transport testing solution.

Using pluggable CFP modules, the CSA can support testing at
SONET/SDH 40G (STL-256.4), OTN 43G (OTL-3.4) and 112G (OTL-4.10), as well as
Ethernet 41G and 103G. For interface testing the CSA also supports unframed
BERT testing at all rates and Framed PCS BERT for the Ethernet rates.

When Digital Lightwave
entered the test equipment market in 1996, we didn’t just introduce new
products, we revolutionized the industry,” said Robert F. Hussey, CEO of Digital

“With the new CSA 4100 module integrated into our
powerful and flexible NIC Platform, we are staying out in front of the new
high-speed revolution. Our customers demand a robust testing solution that will
grow with their needs. The NIC has been unsurpassed in providing the testing
capabilities they need and protecting their investment,” Hussey added.

Existing 5-slot NIC Plus (portable) and NIC EP (rackmount)
units can be upgraded with the CSA module. Combined with other Digital
Lightwave modules, a single NIC can support testing from 1.5M/2.0M to the
latest technologies of 100G/112G.

Customers who need 10Gbps and below testing now can purchase
a Digital Lightwave NIC and upgrade to 40G/100G as needed. The NIC also
features license-based “Test Options” allowing users to add test
capabilities as needed, making the NIC the most cost-effective transport
testing solution.

The CSA 4100 module and the entire Digital Lightwave product
portfolio will be on display at the ECOC Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland
September 19-21.

Recently, Digital Lightwave announce
enhancements to the NIC Platform’s OTN (Optical Transport Network) testing
capabilities including support of Fibre Channel over OTN and ODTU-03 mapping.
The NIC Platform has long been an industry leader in OTN testing.

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