Ericsson buys Kathrein Mobile Communication as part of 5G strategy

Ericsson announced it completed its acquisition of the Kathrein Mobile Communication business that includes antenna and filter division.
Ericsson Radio basestation antennasKathrein, which has its headquarters in Rosenheim, Germany, is a global provider of antenna and filter technologies. Kathrein’s SAT, broadcast and IoT businesses are not part of the acquisition by Ericsson.

The acquisition is part of the strategy of Ericsson to enhance Ericsson Radio System offering to telecom operator clients. Besides expanding Ericsson’s own antenna and filter products, the acquisition will bring competence necessary to evolve radio access products.

Ericsson is complementing its strong R&D base across 21 locations in Europe. Ericsson, the third largest telecom network maker, has gained a competent organization focusing on R&D, production, and sales, based in more than 20 locations including Germany, Romania, the U.S., Mexico, and China.

Fredrik Jejdling, head of Business Area Networks, Ericsson, said: “By integrating radios with antennas while making the best use of site space, we will continue to develop a world-class next-generation portfolio.”

Telecom network makers are trying to integrate radios and antennas to optimize the usage of site space and overall network performance, which is vital for the success of 5G. Powerful 5G networks will drive antenna development for further improved performance, capacity and coverage.