Ericsson India revenue up 20% to $289 million in Q4 2014

Ericsson India revenue in Q4 2014 grew 20 percent to SEK 2.4 billion or $289 million.

The quarter-on-quarter growth was 18 percent, said Ericsson.

India, based on Ericsson revenue in 2014, contributes 4 percent revenue to Ericsson global, while the United States 24 percent, China 6 percent, Japan 4 percent and Italy 4 percent.

Ericsson India, headed by Chris Houghton, has clocked SEK 1.2 billion from networks, SEK 1 billion from global services and SEK 0.2 billion from support solutions.

Network business of Ericsson India rose 1 percent, global services 38 percent and support solutions 127 percent in Q4 2014. Ericsson India has an employee base of 19,971 in the country.

Ericsson India head Chris Houghton

Ericsson India said Q4 2014 sales increased y-o-y mainly due to higher operator spending driven by continued growth in mobile data traffic. Global Services sales showed a strong development mainly as a result of the first pan-India managed services contract.

The company said its 2014 revenue from India rose 25 percent to SEK 7.7 billion or $927 million.

Sales growth in 2014 was driven by mobile broadband infrastructure investments. Increased smartphone penetration drove growth in mobile data usage.

Baburajan K
[email protected]