Ericsson introduces new software packages for telecoms

Telecom network vendor Ericsson on Tuesday announced the launch of Software 15A, a new software model.

Ericsson said telecom operators can benefit from its software model as it introduces software value packages such as HD Voice, multi-carrier mobility and load management. Operators can simplify the implementation and speed up roll out of services.

Johan Wibergh, head of Segment Networks, Ericsson, said: “Our new model builds on the software performance benefits by making it simpler and faster for operators to implement the packages that best address their business needs. Networks can do much more today and their speed of evolution will only increase.”

Johan Wibergh, head of Segment Networks, Ericsson

In addition, the Ericsson software packages address mobile customer needs in four areas such as secure smart device business, increase coverage and capacity, drive efficiency and capture new revenues.


Together with a software subscription component, the Ericsson Software model reduces time to market for new functionality. Because software value packages will be delivered on a predictable basis, operators can efficiently integrate upgrades into their network and simplify the network planning process.

Software 15A contains updated enhancements in Ericsson’s Radio, Cloud and IP portfolio.

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