Ericsson Unveils Managed End-user Service Assurance to ensure service quality

By Telecom Lead Team:
Ericsson announced its Managed End-user Service Assurance (MESA), a new methodology
that offers in-depth understanding of service quality across the network and IT

 The evolved
managed-services offering allows operators to monitor key service performance
and proactively deal with any problems that may arise across the entire network
and IT environment.

The new methodology is being demonstrated at Mobile World
Congress 2012 in Barcelona.

MESA methodology starts with the operator and Ericsson
working together to identify the services that are most important and distinctive
to the operator’s brand, said Valter D’Avino, vice president and head of
Managed Services at Ericsson.

Ericsson’s Managed
End-user Service Assurance (MESA) methodology provides the operator with
end-to-end visibility and control across the service-delivery chain, from the
entire range of systems and applications, in real time. It will help them determine
how to become more competitive in terms of service-quality and end-user

With MESA, Ericsson experts analyze the operator
environment, identify key data sources and related relevant information, and
develop MESA dashboards specific to operator needs. These dashboards provide a
real-time view of service quality and performance across the network and IT
environment and enable proactive actions.

MESA is offered as part of an Ericsson Managed Services
offering that includes both the network and the IT environment. It is a way to
evolve the managed-services partnership from merely meeting technical
requirements to instead aligning the two parties’ business objectives,
providing clarity and transparency with regards to overall business

The methodology builds on Ericsson’s strong momentum in managed
services and the increased demand for end-to-end network and IT capabilities.
Ericsson now manages IT platforms on behalf of operators that serve about 400
million subscribers worldwide.

announces Network-enabled Cloud concept at Mobile World Congress

Ericsson at the Mobile World Congress 2012 also announced
its Network-enabled Cloud concept, a business platform that enables operators
to drive new revenues and evolve network capabilities. Built on Ericsson’s 5C
approach to the Network-enabled Cloud — connect, control, compute, create and
customize– the new Network-Enabled Cloud embeds enhanced functionality and
exposes network capabilities for new service creations.

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