Ericsson wins deal to upgrade CDMA network for China Telecom

By Telecomlead Team: Ericsson announced today that it has
won a major deal for its first Smart Pipe solution customized for CDMA
networks. The company was selected to upgrade China Telecom’s packet data
serving node (PDSN), expand the CDMA packet core network and provide related


Ericsson’s Smart Pipe solution will optimize the resource
utilization of China Telecom’s networks in Zhejiang and Anhui. Ericsson will
also deploy the world’s first smart pipe solution customized for CDMA networks.


The deal will improve end-user experience, help China
Telecom find new sources of revenue and lay the groundwork for a smooth
evolution to LTE in the future. This is the first time Ericsson will supply a
complete CDMA packet core network solution to China Telecom.


“Ericsson is pleased to cooperate with China
Telecom, the world’s largest CDMA operator, in this groundbreaking project,”
said Mats H. Olsson, president of Ericsson Region China & North East Asia.
With our rich experience and leading expertise in mobile networks, we’re committed
to supporting China Telecom to create a better mobile broadband experience for
tens of millions of CDMA subscribers in China,” Olsson added.


Ericsson’s high-performance, end-to-end CDMA solution
will enable China Telecom to optimize the utilization of network resources,
target different subscriber segments, and create new sources of revenue.
It will help China Telecom cost-efficiently provide a full range of
services to its 129.25 million CDMA users, including 38.7 million 3G


Meanwhile Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg said it will be investing more in Indian mobile market for expanding facilities
and resources. Ericsson India has posted SEK 9.8 billion in 2011
revenue, registering 13 percent increase over SEK 8.6 billion in 2010.
India sales decreased 46 percent in Q4 2011 year-over-year to SEK 1.5


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