Fibernet deploys Adtran 10G Fiber Access Platform in Finland

Fibernet is using Adtran 10G Fiber Access Platform to build an XGS-PON fiber network that will connect 50,000 customers in Finland in its first phase.
Adtran at MWCFibernet is leveraging its innovative fiber trenching technology to build a fiber network and is using Adtran’s 10G solutions to deploy broadband services to households and businesses in Finland.

Fibernet invested in an innovative fiber trenching approach that allows the operator to build its network much faster. Fibernet has selected Adtran 10G Fiber Access Platform as its foundation to launch broadband services for internet, IPTV, telehealth and more.

“We selected Adtran because of its experience in both the fiber access and altnet markets, and together we make a great team,” said Janne Ahola, CEO at Fibernet. “We understand that fiber is the only way to supply fast and reliable network connections that can scale with subscriber demands.”

Adtran 10G Fiber Access Platform leverages the symmetrical upload and download speeds of XGS-PON technology, which future-proofs the network against growing demand for high-bandwidth cloud and streaming services.

“Fibernet has a key advantage with its micro-trenching technology that lets it build its fiber network much faster. With Adtran in its network, Fibernet can match that innovation with a 10G fiber access platform that will provide reliable, high-quality services today and grow with them as subscriber demands evolve,” said Stuart Broome, Vice President of Sales, EMEA at Adtran.