Flash Networks unveils mobile video transcoder version 2.0

Flash Networks, a global provider of
intelligent mobile Internet solutions, announced a new version of its Harmony
Transcoder with the ability to optimize new video formats such as HTML5, Ultra
HD, as well as 3D videos, and measure in real time the quality of service to
ensure a positive user experience.

Flash Networks will be presenting
the challenges and solutions for video optimization at the Mobile Video Summit,
October 18th in London.

Video bitrates, and therefore also
video volumes, have more than doubled in the last 18 months. In addition
further congestion is predicted from new formats such as 3D video , a small yet
increasing segment of video traffic, that has twice the bitrate of a normal 2D
video on average.

Flash Networks Harmony Transcoder provides
the smoothest possible viewing based on real time network conditions and
measures the end to end user experience during  transcoding to ensure
adherence to quality standards.

The transcoder further varies the
level of optimization, and dynamically transrates the video  in real time
or offline depending on network conditions.  This new version which has
significantly higher capacity, supports the widest variety of formats including
HD, Ultra HD and 3D, and dynamic adaptive streaming schemes  including the
leading delivery methods from Apple, Adobe and Microsoft.

“With new standards such as 3D
video and ultra high definition gradually penetrating the market, optimization
solutions are becoming an increasingly important focus for mobile
operators,” said Merav Bahat, vice president of Marketing and Business
Development at Flash Networks.

“As pioneers in the mobile
video optimization market, we were the first to introduce advanced video
optimization capabilities to mobile operators worldwide, and we continue to
evolve our solution in response to market changes and maintain our competitive
edge,” Bhatt added.

Flash Networks’ Video Optimization
and Transcoder is part of the Harmony Mobile Internet Services Gateway which
enables operators to enhance user quality of experience, reduce operational
expenses, and manage and monetize access to the open Internet by applying
best-in-class services to mobile data traffic.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]